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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil

 is for good men to do nothing."

John RangePhotographer John A. Pavoncello has been shooting professionally since 1987 and has extensive experience as a photojournalist. During his career he has covered riots, stand-offs and other high-risk police incidents. He also covered events following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and post-Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, MS.

 A life-long outdoorsman and shooting enthusiast, John has trained in practical pistol application, close quarters combat, edged weapons and martial arts. In 2006 John began working with the York County Quick Response Team, donating his time to provide training photography to the team and building a long-lasting relationship with the SWAT-trained officers. Throughout his many years of service to the YCQRT, John has gained vast experience with SWAT operations, weapons and tactics. In 2010, Mr. Pavoncello was honored by the team for his service and dedication.

Currently a contributing photographer for SWAT Digest, John has not only provides photographs for publication but has also written copy for the magazine dedicated to tactical police teams. He is also the official photographer and adjunct instructor for Modern Combative Systems LLC.  John has also provided photographic services for several "tactical" realated businesses including Zanshin Lair LLC, an executive protection and training company, zZz Custom Works, Dragon Tech Design knives, and Vigilance Tactical. He also provides photography services for several local police agencies for administration and training purposes.

Outside of his work in the tactical photography field, Mr. Pavoncello is currently a staff photographer for a daily newspaper, and former clients include National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Biography Magazine, UK's Loaded Magazine, the Washingtonian, and the Associated Press..