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After-sales service and warranty range
Dear users: Thank you for using the electric bicycles and motorcycle of our company. In order to protect your legal rights, please familiarize yourself with and strictly comply with the following standards and precautions. Before using the product, please test and adjust it on the spot, and you have the right to ask the sales staff to provide the correct methods of operation and maintenance, as well as effective purchase proofs, warranty card and the address and contact phone of the warranty unit.

I. Matters requiring attention
1. Because of the time spent on delivery from the factory, transportation, and storage, the new vehicle you have bought may have low battery. Please be sure to have the battery fully charged (the initial charge duration is recommended to be not less than 10 hours), before using the electric drive.
2. Do not use the electricity to the minimum level of allowable voltage, and recharge it fully in a timely manner in order to make the battery service you longer. Therefore, it is very important to develop a habit of charging the battery in time every day. It is especially harmful to the battery if it is used to the lowest voltage and stored for a long time without being recharged, which can shorten the life expectancy.
3. When you recharge the battery, be sure to use Golden Lion’s original chargers (which should bear the sticker marked with “Golden Lion dedicated”); otherwise, the Company shall not be responsible for the damages caused therefrom.
4. The engine oil must be the original oil provided by the company; otherwise, the Company shall not be responsible for the damages caused therefrom.
5. If the engine fails, it is not allowed to disassemble or replace it with non-Golden Lion accessories without permission. It is required to go to the dedicated local repair outlets of Golden Lion for maintenance.

II. Please do not modify in any ways the body, cables, electrical parts, engine and other relevant structural performances of the vehicle, modify the parameters of cables and electrical parts without permission, as it may cause degradation or failure of the vehicle's electrical performances or other consequences and shorten the service life; the performances cannot be effectively protected; Golden Lion is not liable for any responsibilities and loss resulting from it, which shall be completely borne by the user. 。

III. Standard of Three Guarantees for electric vehicles
1. Special Note: Golden Lion is only responsible for the genuine batteries marked with “Golden Lion dedicated” or selected by Golden Lion company; for non-Golden Lion batteries, the company does not provide three guarantees.
2. Scope and duration of “three guarantees” for sparing parts
3. Scope and content beyond the “three guarantees”

IV. Standard of Three Guarantees for motorcycles (moped scooters)
1. Scope and duration of Three Guarantees for the accessories and parts of motorcycles (moped scooters)
2. Scope and content beyond the “three guarantees”

 V. Additional Information
The company is still responsible for the repair of failures beyond the “three guarantees” range and the main parts beyond the “three guarantees” period; the costs are charged according to the parts need replacing.
Batteries beyond the three-guarantee period will be updated by the company at a preferential price, but the old batteries must be recycled on the one-to-one basis, so as not to pollute the environment.

If you are not satisfied with the attitude and service results of the dealer, or if you have any suggestions and comments on the products, please call the Service Department of Jiangsu Golden Lion Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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※ Any Golden Lion vehicle users holding a valid warranty card can enjoy the national joint-guarantee after-sales service ※
※ Please ensure timely maintenance for your vehicles ※
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