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Maintenance and care of electric vehicles: before using a new vehicle, please read the manual and technical information carefully and conduct maintenance and operations in line with the instructions. During the warranty period, be sure to observe the following items:
1. After a new vehicle has actually traveled 2000-2500km, it needs mandatory maintenance, and three times of routine maintenance must also be carried out every 5000km.
2. Use the original charger for charging; otherwise it is likely to affect battery’s life or cause damages.
3. For the battery charging time and the requirements, please follow the regulations in the manual
4. Avoid sharp start or sudden acceleration when driving, to avoid accidents. Chargers must be the original ones; otherwise it may cause the vehicle fails to work properly.
5. Do not overload the vehicle or exceed the speed limit. Try to avoid sudden braking and high-speed emergency braking. Keep the tire pressure within the specified range of values.
6. Do not alter the vehicle structure or add attachments other than the originally designed parts (such as, adding leaf springs, electrical equipment, etc.); otherwise, the failure caused therefrom will not enjoy the quality assurance services.
7. Please slow down and drive carefully in rainy days or on water running roads, because damages to the motor system caused wading water do not enjoy the quality assurance services.
8. After the driver leaves the vehicle, do not store valuables in it; otherwise, the Company will not be liable for the losses of items inside the vehicle.
Note on the use of electric vehicle batteries
1. Please keep or use batteries out of the reach of children.
2. Do not use the batteries for purposes other than the specific uses; otherwise, it may cause leak, heat rise, or explosion of the batteries.
3. It is prohibited to dissolve, alter, destruct, severely impact or throw the batteries; otherwise, it may cause battery leakage, heat rise, or explosion.
4. It is prohibited to throw the batteries into water, fire or have them heated.
5. It is prohibited to short-circuit the battery.
6. If the total voltage of a battery exceeds 45V, it is necessary to use insulated gloves and take other safety measures before working. Working without safety measures may have the danger of electric shock.
7. During maintenance or measurement, the face of the personnel should avoid confronting the top of the battery, and should keep a certain angle or distance.
8. The inner pole plates and separators of batteries have all adsorbed sulfuric acid. If a battery has mechanical damages, prevent sulfuric acid from contacting with the skin, clothes, or even the eyes; in the above cases, wash immediately with plenty of water, or go to the hospital for treatment.
9. The allowable work temperature range of batteries is -20 ~ + 55 ℃, but when used in a range of +5 ~ + 35 ℃, the service life is longer.

Maintenance and care for mechanical parts of electric vehicles
1. The brake system should be checked once a month. If the brake doesn’t work well, it should be adjusted in a timely manner, to ensure the safety performance.
2. The system grease should be supplemented once a year.
3. The hypoid gear oil for the powertrain should be replaced once a year.
4. Check the tightness of the screws on machine parts monthly, to ensure safety.
5. The orientation machine should be supplemented with oil once half year, to ensure normal lubrication.

Maintenance and care for the chargers of electric vehicles
1. The AC power outlet must match the AC power plug of the charger.
2. The AC voltage should be stable, and the variation should not exceed 220士10%
3. Before using the charger, please read the instructions carefully.
4. Charging procedures: disconnect the electric lock switch on the vehicle, insert the DC output plug of the charger into the general plug of the battery, and then insert the AC input plug of the charger into the AC power outlet.
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