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Q: Why the battery cannot be charged or the charge electricity is insufficient?
A: 1. The battery life is terminated: replace or repair the battery;
2. The fuse inside the fuse tube inside the battery is blown: replace the fuse;
3. Poor contact between the battery fuse and the fuse holder: adjust the positions of both to achieve contact between the two, or replace the fuse tube;
4. The charger does not have output voltage or the output voltage is too low: replace or repair the charger;
5. Poor contact between the charger and the AC 220V power supply: re-plug the power supply;
6. Anomalies of the charger indicator result in false full charging: replace or repair the charger.
Q: Why does the motor sometimes stop and sometimes work?
A: 1. Low battery: charge the battery;
2. Poor battery contact: adjust the position of the contact or grind it;
3. Poor contact between the fuse tube and the fuse holder inside the battery compartment: adjust or replace them to the appropriate positions;
4. There is dirt inside the throttle of the sensitive film inside the speed adjusting grip: clean or replace the sensitive film, and wipe the throttle; if it still cannot solve the problem: replace the grip;
5. The controller is faulty: replace or repair the controller;
6. The lead of the speed adjusting grip is seemingly broken: replace or repair the lead;
7. The brake power switch has failure: adjust or replace the brake power switch;
8. Poor contract of the power lock after ablation: replace or repair the power lock;
9. Virtual connection of connectors in the route: re-plug them, to ensure good contact;
10. Carbon brushes, leading wires, winding cold solder joint or virtual connection within the motor: repair or replace the motor.
Q: Why is the motor running normally while the power indicator on the dashboard is not lit?
A: 1. No voltage between positive and negative leads on the dashboard: poor connection of connectors or short circuit of the leading wire: re-plug or change the wire;
2. The luminescent tube is damaged: replace or repair luminescent tube;
3. Open circuit on the dashboard: replace or repair the circuit board of the instrument.
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