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I. 5S service concept
Smile - to convey our sincere and considerate attitude with a smile;
Swift - complete repair and maintenance services swiftly;
Sincere – a sincere attitude is the basic principle for the sales staff to deal with people;
Skillful – to win the trust of customers with wise working methods and extensive maintenance skills;
Specialty - to learn the expertise all the time and provide customers with professional and quality services

II. Six service guarantees
1. Hold hands with China’s Green Line and integrate the Internet, telephone network and mobile network with leading communications and searching technologies, create the first three-network-in-one call center and search platform in the Chinese electric vehicle industry, and initiate quick and easy green channels for sales, customer service and business.
2. Whole-process supervision of the quality of service by the authoritative Chinese media “Long March of China Quality”;
3. Professional and technical service personnel and whole-process technical consulting system;
3. Perfect after-sales service network;
4. Build information management system for customer profile database;
5. Standard service management system.
III. Seven service promises
1. 24-hour maintenance consulting services;
2. Zero-distance service (can provide scooters);
3. Open prices of parts, public telephone complaints, and service standards;
4. Troubleshooting with guaranteed time limits;
5. 1 year free replacement of motors;
6. 100% free of charge within the coverage of the three Guarantees, 100% reasonable charges in the case of the expiry of the warranty period;
7. Regular inspection and maintenance free of charge.
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